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Can I move perf data temporarily during DFM upgrading to OnCommand, then copy back to the original directory?


Hi, I have a question about perf data files under /opt/NTAPdfm/perdata

I tried to upgrade DFM4.0 to OnCommand 5.0.2. At the beginning, the system asked if back up the database.

Then it requires 20.8GB to backup the database but only 6.5 GB is available. So the upgrade is failed.

Space required: 20.8 GB, space available: 6.49 GB.

I went through the directories under /opt/NTAPdfm and aware that /opt/NTAPdfm/perdata consumes 42GB.

Now I have a question. If I move perf_xx_xx_xx files under /opt/NTAPdfm/perdata to temporary space on the other disk and upgrade the DFM to OnCommand.

Then copy back them to /opt/NTAPdfm/perdata, the old performance data retains after upgrading?

Is there any way to shrink those huge perf data files efficiently and safely? I saw many perf_xx_xx files over 2-4 GB.

Thank you in advance.




   Its is not recommended to upgrade like that. Pls see if you can find space. Also if you already have a latest backup taken you can skip the creation of backup step during upgrade.If you want to move around your perfdata file to a different path like NFS mount point( only perf dir and not the data dir) use the dfm datastore setup cli to move the files.

Pls upgrade to 5.0.2 P1 release instead of 5.0.2  as this has additional fixes. The perf flat files which are of size 2 to 4 GB would automatically be cleaned for stale instance post upgrade to 5.0.2. The reason for the big flat files can be found in this bugs online link. due cleaning of the stale instances you may find little sluggishness post upgrade but this should return to normal in a week or 2 and give improved performance due to cleanup and 64bit architecture.

Just to know how many stale objects you have, try to run the DFMPurge tool and if possible purge them as well. Here is the link to an how to video.

DFM Purge Tool: How to Video




Hi,  Adaikkappan Arumugam. Thank you for the useful info.

My upgrade scenario is

1. NFS Mount a remote disk to the DFM server. i.e. /remotedisk

2. #dfm datastore setup -d /remotedisk/data -l /remotedisk/data -p /remotedisk/perf -s /remotedisk/script

3. run 5.0.2 P1 installer

4.  backup database ? Y

5. After completion of upgrade,

6. #dfm datastore setup -d /opt/NTAPdfm/data -l /opt/NTAPdfm/data -p /opt/NTAPdfm/perf -s /opt/NTAPdfm/script

7. unmount /remotedisk

Do you think this works?


Hi Tagawa,

Pls dont move the database to NFS mount its not supported.

You can instead  just move the PerfData Dir and also the database backup dir to NFS mount point. That way you should be able to clear up space in your install dir for upgrade.




Hi Adai.

I got it. thanks so much for your useful info.


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