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Can I put in a feature request to manage Qtree Quotas using Operations manager/On Command Core?


Currently DFM (Operation Manager)/OnCommand Core 5.0 only allows you to mange User Quotas. It does not allow you to mange Qtree Quotas. It reports on them, but you cannot modify the quotas. Can you please add that feature?

Here's some background about my request:

We had trained our first level support team to mange quotas using FilerView. They could manage both Qtree & User quotas using the same web interface. Now with ONTAP 8.1, filerview is gone away. We are looking for a replacement tool so that we can retrain our first level support team. We like the global view that Operations manager provides, one can search for a userID or qtree name and find it irrespective of the filer it resides on, i.e. no need to log into multiple filerview to manage them. But as mentioned above, Ops manger doesn't allow you to modify qtree entries in the quota file even though it can edit the same file for user quotas!

I know there is this new Systems Manager that replaces filerview, but then we have to install that on each tech's desktop. The web based interface of Ops manager is more suitable for us, as we can use any browser from anywhere to mange these quota requests.

Hope you will consider this request.





Hi Gopinath,

          As you rightly mentioned, starting ONTAP 8.1 there is no FilerView support. The replacement tool for the same is OnCommand System Manager, But its an OFF box solutions and requires to be installed on all desktop.

Here is a tool written by one of our Developer Conference particpant to manage qtree quota. See if this helps.

Qtree Quota Manager




Thanks for the reply & info about this external tool. It still doesn't solve my issue

What would it take to get Qtree Quota management into OnCommand/Ops Manager? It already edits the quota file for User quota.