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Can anyone provide me some information about architecture of NetApp and few things given below


Also need to study the below topic bit in details, is there any document or reference material available ??

  • snapshots
  • snapmirror
  • syncmirror
  • snaplock
  • read-only copies of the file system
  • read-write snapshots called FlexClone
  • ACL's




You can start with our Integrated Data Protection solutions landing page at for an overview of some of these products and how they work together.

The NetApp Protection Software page at can be used to springboard to details on each item listed there:


  Open Systems SnapVault (OSSV)






  OnCommand Unified Manager

  SnapManager Software

And there is always the A-Z list to get you to everything at

Here are some documents to get you started (all found in the Library at 😞

For Snapshot Copies, the datasheet does a good job describing how we architected and why we are able to create them without impacting performance Snapshot datasheet (PDF).

For SnapMirror you could start with the “SnapMirror Async Overview and Best Practices Guide” Read Document

For SyncMirror: “High-Availability Pair Controller Configuration Overview and Best Practices” Read Document

For SnapLock there is a great analyst report by that describes how SnapLock coexists with deduplication “NetApp SnapLock Compliance Volume and NetApp Deduplication Storage Capabilities” Read Document.

For FlexClone: “Using FlexClone to Clone Files and LUNs” Read Document

I’m not sure about ACLs, but you might try “NFSv3/v4 in Data ONTAP 8.1 Operating in Cluster-Mode Implementation Guide” Read Document. If you are really asking about how we do ACL for mixed UNIX and Windows, then you can look at “NetApp Storage System Multiprotocol User Guide” Read Document

In addition, on YouTube we have a NetApp channel (NetApp TV, ), where you can find videos (called “Play by Plays” on many of these topics. Just search in the channel on each topic.

For example, for Snapshot technology you’ll find “NetApp Snapshot Overview -- NetApp Storage Efficiency – NetApp” (you’ll have to scroll down past the “Snapshot” news items)

Finally, you can always contact your local NetApp representative, who can sit down with you and do a deep dive.


-- Zev



Did you search for docs in support site:

You might get these topics in ONTAP administration guide.



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