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Can't Subscribe to an EMS Event in OCUM


I am running OCUM 7.1 and would like to subscribe to EMS events. I have successfully subscribed to sis.changelog.full, however I cannot use the same procedure to subscribe to wafl.vol.autoSize.done (I want to be alerted each time AutoSize is invoked). Any ideas? I am suspicious of the fact that this message is severity "INFORMATIONAL", but documentation doesn't indicate this is a limitation.


Re: Can't Subscribe to an EMS Event in OCUM




Maybe try again because it works for me (OCUM 7.1 + ONTAP 9.1):




And then I forced a vol to autosize and the EMS event was received:




You can also configure an alert directly from the cluster if you prefer; see KB000029091.


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Re: Can't Subscribe to an EMS Event in OCUM


Hi Chris, thank you for replying to my post! Maybe the issue is I'm on 8.3.2 P10 instead of 9.x. I am aware that I can set it up directly on the filer which I've done, but it would just be nice to have it all centralized. I may just have to wait until we upgrade to 9.x later this year.

Re: Can't Subscribe to an EMS Event in OCUM


Hello, I've also had trouble adding a second EMS event alert to OCUM, but finally found a workaround...


I found that if I...


  1. Removed all EMS events from OCUM
  2. Deleted the ::event destination entry for the OCUM server
  3. Add ALL the EMS events I required in OCUM in one go, they were accepted with "Applicable to Cluster" YES.

If you attempt to delete the OCUM desintation, it may initially fail with the list of all the messages that are being used for routing (some wont show under the event route show command). Use the ::event route remove-destinations command to delete the destination for all the messages listed.


event destination delete

Error: command failed: Event destination is being used for routing message wafl.snap.create.skip.reason

event route remove-destinations -message-name wafl.snap.create.skip.reason -destinations


BTW, I realise in ONTAP 9.1 that the ::event destination and route are depreciated, however for the moment adding these EMS events through OCUM still adds an entry into the ::event route table.


Hopefully this may help...




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Re: Can't Subscribe to an EMS Event in OCUM


Thanks sgrant! I will try that.

Re: Can't Subscribe to an EMS Event in OCUM


To update this thread:


We recently upgraded to OnTAP 9.1. I followed sgrant's suggestion and it worked! Both events are now configured in OCUM. Thanks sgrant!

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