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Can't see scheduled time when a workflow has been rescheduled at an Approval point


I have a few workflows that have been created to allow DBAs and admins in other areas of my company to run workflows to create their own storage. These workflows run through a few precheck commands to find the best array/aggr/vFiler to provision the storage on. They then hit an approval point to allow me to check the user inputs are all correct, and then reschedule it to run during a designated change window. However, when they get rescheduled the scheduled time doesn't appear in the execution status window where it normally should. I'm assuming this is an internal WFA issue, is it possible to get it fixed for the next release? Not being able to see when these workflows will run makes it hard to space the execution times out and perform other WFA maintenance tasks.



Hi Tim,

I hope you would be already knowing this feature, "Preview of a workflow" , but still I'm trying to make point here..!

If you are the executor and your requirement is just to validate that all the user inputs provided are correct and proper resource selection(Array/Aggr/vFiler) is happening based on that, then you can simply rely on this preview feature, which actually gives you a good idea of, how workflow execution would be, like the parameters used/resource selection/command execution based on the condition etc..!

Just to add to Tanzim's post,  the other workaround for your case is, you can find the rescheduled time in the "History" Tab of a execution window of each individual workflow..!

Hope this helps..!

Warm Regards

Sivaprasad K


Hi Guys, thanks for all your help, and thanks Tanzim for the workaround it works pretty well, provided I can get everyone to schedule workflows for a minute in the future.


Hi Tim,

I have recreated the scenario that you have mentioned above and see a potential issue.

Please validate the steps(simplified) that i have adopted:

  1. Execute a workflow with an approval point.
  2. Wait for the status of the workflow to change to "Waiting For Approval". This is viewed in the execution status window.
  3. Select the "Approve and Resume" option for the workflow (opens a new pop-up window).
  4. Within the "Options" section, choose a new date and time for execution.
  5. Click on "Approve and Resume".This displays a corresponding success message with the workflow re-scheduled.
  6. ISSUE : The "Scheduled For" entry against this workflow execution instance does not reflect the new time (it is empty).




Hi Tim,

Your feedback is WFA's Command (pun intended!). A case has been opened against this issue.

In the meanwhile, i can provide you a workaround (in reference with a couple of my teammates) which should suffice.I'm sure that you would have figured it out already, but nonetheless -

  Instead of "immediate execution" of the workflow, you can schedule it to execute say after about 30 seconds or a minute.Now, when the workflow hits the approval point and you reschedule the execution, the "Scheduled For" column entry for the corresponding workflow execution instance is updated.

As you like it

Regarding the fix details ("possible to get it fixed for the next release", "possibility of getting this fixed"), i'll get back to you asap.




Hi Tanzim,

That's it.Any possibility of getting this fixed?

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