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System Manager 2.1 - destroys NFS exports...!


I've just used the "Provision Storage for VMware" option on the Storage ...

I've provisioned 6 volumes and then checked the exports file in /etc...

SURPRISE, SysMan just destroyed yet another file, this software is getting very good in doing so

All the previously defined export got set back to:

"path" -sec=sys,rw,nosuid

Additionaly it entered all previously defined volumes as exports, even though the option is set to off on the controller:   off

Please fix?


Thank god I did not just enter exportfs -av and got even more surprised... Trust is good, CONTROL is better (when it comes to System Manager)!


Re: System Manager 2.1 - destroys NFS exports...!


Which ONTAP version did you try this on?

Can you also share the support bundle ? You can attach it here or mail it to



Re: System Manager 2.1 - destroys NFS exports...!


Hi Peter,

WE are trying to reproduce this issue. We would need the following information:

   Ontap Version

2.       /etc/exports details (before the issue)

3.       VM storage provisioning (Properties like volume name has any special char)

4.       Is there any other step involved apart from below,

a)      Create storage for Vmware in existing NFS setup

b)      With nfs update option set to off.

5.       SM Support bundle.

Your SEs will be reaching out to you for the same as well. Thanks for your help with this.



Re: System Manager 2.1 - destroys NFS exports...!


Hi Peter,


For System Manager to create a VMware NFS datastore, an entry into the exports should be done irrespective of the option.

The option comes into picture when you are using the regular volume create.

Resetting exports


The information that Amrita's asked for will help. We've tried reproducing this issue on an 7.3.7 and are unable to replicate this scenario. Mainly information on the ONTAP version, exports file before and after the operation and System Manager logs will help.



Re: System Manager 2.1 - destroys NFS exports...!


Hi Amrita and others

Your questions made me think... maybe this time it isn't System Manager??? Sometimes passed experience makes you jumping to conclusions, sorry.

I've went back in time and analyzed the exports in "My Autosupport" and found that the exports file changed back in Nov 27th, 2012. Thank god I never had to reboot the system in this time...

Now I'm trying to find out the reason for this change. I did run Config Advisor on this day, but assume this tool is not modifying any files in /etc, only analyzing them. The header in the exports file says (#Auto-generated by setup Tue Nov 27 11:29:06 CET 2012) but I'd never run setup on a tuesday in the middle of the day... strange.

Anyway, all clear for System Manager

Have a nice day,




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Re: System Manager 2.1 - destroys NFS exports...!


Thanks for the update Peter.



Re: System Manager 2.1 - destroys NFS exports...!



i have the following test environment and reproduced the following:

Fas2240 7-mode Ontap 8.1.2

ESX 5.1

System Manager 2.1

When i create a volume with the "Provision Storage for VMware" option there are two different Results:

with the Data Ontap option "" to OFF the following accurs:

When I renamed the Volume after the Creation (with the System Manager 2.1), the exportfs File isn't updated, so after the next reboot or cluster takeover, the access from the ESX Servers is disconnected. (when no manuel editing of the exportfs File happens)


with the Data Ontap option "" to ON the following accurs:

The rename with the System Manger 2.1 happens successfully, the exportfs File is updated to the correct value.

So for me, i will set an Admin Host ( enable the to "on" and everything works!


Florian Reeb

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