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Can you downgrade OC UM 5.1 to OC UM 5.0.2?


Customer initially installed OC UM 5.1.  Later they realized the NGS-supported version (at the time of this writing) is OC UM 5.0.2.  NGS support is very important to the customer so they want to downgrade to 5.0.2.  Can you downgrade from 5.1 to 5.0.2 and keep data in-tact?  If so, what is the recommended procedure?




Re: Can you downgrade OC UM 5.1 to OC UM 5.0.2?


Hi Reid,

     We never support revert or downgrade. If you already have a backup taken in 5.0.2 you can install 5.0.2 and restore that backup. But you will loose all data created in 5.1 since the backup was taken in 5.0.2

BTW NGS would and should support 5.1 as its also a release available in NOW for public consumption. Is there any specific problem that the customer ran into after upgrading to 5.1 ?  Reverting is not available/supported or recommended and would cause other problem which we dont know off.



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Re: Can you downgrade OC UM 5.1 to OC UM 5.0.2?



Thank you for the quick reply.

I apoligize. I should have stated that 5.0.2 is the NGS "recommended" version.  Both 5.0.2 and 5.1 are supported by NGS, but 5.0.2 is the NGS-recommended version at this time.  Customer was told this by their support representative and immediately wanted to revert to 5.0.2.

Thank you.


Re: Can you downgrade OC UM 5.1 to OC UM 5.0.2?


As can be seen from the download page, 5.0.2 is currently a GA release while 5.1 is FCS.  As with any newer release, 5.1 has additional features that will not exist in the 5.0.x code line.  If a customer has no preference or particular requirements then they should start with the NGS recommended release.  That guidance is provided for those who might need it and is not intended to be used as a mandate. 

The correct choice is to always to use whichever version supports the customer environment/needs the best. 

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