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Problem w/ IPMonitor Connecting to DFM


Customer is trying to use IPMonitor to poll DFM for specific events via SNMP. However we are getting the error message "The remote device failed to respond."

Does anyone have any experience integrating IPMonitor with DFM? Have you seen this message before? Is there something specific I need to configure on the DFM side?

The SNMP config is pretty straight forward on the DFM side. I mean, everything is basically left at the default right now and we are using public (for test purposes) as the community. I'm using the mib that is located in the /dfm/misc directory. This is to connect to DFM and NOT the storage systems. That would be an entirely different mib. Just a little frustrated as there is nothing really to config and I'm thinking this should be working. But it's not. wah-wahhh.

I've tried using SNMP Walk on the local DFM machine and it doesn't even connect at all. Almost like it's not turned on or something.

Screen shots below.

IPMonitor config.

Ops Mgr config.



Hi Chute,

     Pls check this FAQ as well as documented for how to configure DFM to send traps to thridpart hosts.

TR 3688 - NetApp Storage Monitoring Using HP OpenView




Adai, thanks fot the information. However I can send traps just fine. I'm trying to poll from IPMonitor, not send traps. In fact the customer has traps disabled, which is why I am going down this path. IPMonitor is polling the DFM server via SNMP. Or at least that's what we are trying to do.


Hi Chute,

You cannot poll SNMP events from a DFM, server there's no listener that can reply to any polls.

The SNMP stuff in DFM is:

SNMP poller - DFM polls filers for status (this is where the community settings you mentioned comes into play)

SNMP trap listener - DFM can receive traps from filers to accelerate event generation

SNMP trap sender - DFM can send traps to 3rd party trap listeners.




Hi Chute,

     I am afraid, if that supported. Also I have not personally done that or heard other customers do it as well. All I know is that customers forward traps from DFM server to 3rd party trap hosts. So you are actually getting into unknown territory and let us know if it works.

All the best.



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