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Can you tell if dedup has run on the entire volume?


Is there a command or technique to indicate if dedup has traversed the entire volume?

We have a number of volumes that had sis enabled after it contained data and has only been run on data that was added after.  It would be nice to know if a volume hasn't had deduplication run against all the blocks.  I would like to ultimately produce a report using dfm as the where we might be able to save additional space, approximately 1000 volumes.




As far as I know, it's not possible or it's not an easy info to collect. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Thanks Thiago, this has pretty much been my conclusion as well but I would think something should be available or a technique to have a good indication.  At this point I just flip through the enabled volumes and if they aren't getting at least 10% I use the Oncommand system manager and tell it to scan the entire volume.  I can only do this for about 4-5 volumes max at a time.

Thanks, James


"sis status -l" will show when the last run and status of each volume, try this.

thank you,



Put a script together with all volumes with the following commands

Once it’s running, you can check the status with:

sis status /vol/<volname>

After it’s finished running, you can see your space savings like this:

df -s /vol/<volname>

Run the script using the dfm at regular intervals and allow it send a email.

thank you,



Thanks Agumadavalli, SIS is and has been running for a few months in some instances but when some admins enabled they didn't run it against the entire volume to my understanding it only runs against new/changed data in the volume and not against every block until the scan entire volume is selected (aka sis start -s).  Unless I am missing something df -S only indicates what the compresssion savings are, I can't tell if it has run against every block in the volume.


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