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Cannot get to localhost after fresh install of Insight 7.1 on new server


I have installed OnCommand Insight on a new server 2008R2.

The install completed cleanly.

I can start Insight, although I want to do a restore from our other, older, Insight server.


When I try to get to https:// localhost/index.do it will not go.  No error just "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".


Not sure if this is a local firewall problem or not.  Was hoping someone had seen this before.


Any help would be appreciated.




It's just a hunch, but can you try to leave away the index.do part?


Thanks for the suggestion.

I have tried every combination, looks like it my be my desktop validator or a network issue.

You server logs look perfectly clean - no indications of port conflicts, Jboss load problems, etc I would try a different web browser, or disabling proxy settings if possible


Thanks, I will go down a different path, possibly network.

Is your browser configured to us a proxy? The proxy won't be able to route to localhost Try using the actual hostname


It is not setup to use a proxy.


I used the IP address, host name, local host.

I used :443, index.do.

I used HTTP and HTTPS.

Nothing is working.


Try using "netstat -ano" and see what process is listening on 80 and 443.


Also, just in case, there's a space in the localhost URL you pasted into the initial post.  Might want to confirm that it's not in your location bar in real life. 


Looks like they are listening.  I see 443 on PID 4108 which is the Insight Server.

Zip up C:\Program Files\SANscreen\jboss\server\onaro\log And send it to me at ostiguy at netapp dot com Matt


Here is the zipped log directory.  Change to .zip

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