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Capacity Forecasting and Trending


I have been for 2 weeks now looking at the various option for reporting on growth and utilization trends.

I installed OnCommand Reporting and have looked at MySpport for reports as well.

>     My Support seems to give some very pretty graphs and definitions about total utlization but no real detail regarding the actual trends.

>     OnCommand reporting also produces some very pretty graphs but only appears to do daily growth rates.  If you want annual, quarterly or monthly, you have to customize the formula.  The issue here is, that skews the data becuase daily rate today is likely not the same as daily rate 6 months ago.

>     Today, I watched a video (nice marketing material) on how OnCommand insigt can do all of what I am looking for.  However, you have to pay for it (Seriously?).  For the amount of money spent to get the hardware, have it installed and the ongoing support, I would expect that there was a way to report on this data.  I know the data is there some place becuase it is all collected in the daily Auto Support that gets sent out.

Anyone have any insight into this?  There has to be something out there.  While I am certainly willing to buy more storage, I am not willing to by tools to report and tell me to buy more storage.

What I am hoping is, MySupport has this information and that it can be formatted in manner that my managers would appreciate (e.g. raw number + grpahs) so that I have a way to actually jsutify buying more storage.  Perhaps I have just totally missed where to go on the My Support Portal or how to create my own custom report that contains this information in a presetable format.

Thanks All!



I should add, I did search through the commnity pages which all talked about My Support, OnCommand Reporting and OnCommand Insight.  Just did not find what I was looking for.


Oncommand Unified manager will do some of the forcasting for you. 

In my past life, i've written code to grab the information from the database via reports, wrapped them in powershell and it basically tells me how many days full on a 90 day trend.

Now, i'm doing something differently.  I'm feedin daily numbers and trend numbers to splunk and then building dashboards based on that.

Oncommand insight is the rolls-royce of applications, It will do everything, but you need to be an application expert and have lots of money.

If you have unified manager and know powershell, i'm sure if you search through my archives, I've posted on a script on this.  If you need some help, i can get you started


I will have a look at unified manager and see if it has what I am lookking for.  We are licensed for that.

Thanks for your reply.


Took a look and I actually already have Unified Manager installed.  Unfortunately, it does not reall provide what I am looking for.

As an Example:

Node Name


Size of Aggr

Used Space

Used %

Available Space


Monthly Growth Rate

Quarterly Growth Rate

Yearly Growth Rate

It would also be nice to get this information on volume basis to see which volumes within the aggr are growing and at what rates.

While Unified Manager does provide some nice dashboards, it doe snot see to provide good reporting over time for that informaton.


Like I said before.. You have to do this with either custom scripting or use Splunk


does anyone know how is the Daily Growth Rate % calculated? 


Are you still feeding OCUM data into Splunk for forecasting?  Are you using cDOT?  I am trying to use OCUM to forecast for a 90 day window.