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Capacity Monitoring of VMware Datastore Clusters


While researching capacity monitoring of VMware datastores using OnCommand Insight, I came across a VMware grouping of datastores called Datastore Clusters.  From some older VMware documentation:

Creating a Datastore Cluster

A datastore cluster is a collection of datastores with shared resources and a shared management interface. Datastore clusters are to datastores what clusters are to hosts. When you create a datastore cluster, you can use vSphere Storage DRS to manage storage resources.


Since DRS manages capacity across the datastore cluster it would make sense to manage capacity (used vs. free space, run rate, etc.) from a datastore cluster perspective and not a single datastore.  I've searched OCI (both Java and warehouse) and am unable to see any trace of the datastore cluster designation or any grouping of datastores from VMware imports.  Has anyone come across datastore cluster information in OCI?  If it isn't in OCI (we are release 7.2) is it planned for a future release?





Hey Peter,


We don't have any DRS specific visibility in OCI today. We actually haven't had a lot of requests for it, but if you either PM me your company name, or email me at ostiguy at netapp dot com, I can at least get a request for enhancement submitted on your behalf