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Capacity Reporting of Applications is Limited to Physical Hosts


OCI 6.4 build 263.  Installed April 2013.

We have 4,000+ virtual machines and 700+ physical hosts discovered in Oncommand insight.  We've done an import of our asset information to assign application codes and cost center information to the systems to deliver showback chargeback. 

I've started looking at capacity reports and noticed that they only seem to be reporting on the application codes and capacity related to the physical hosts.  I also noticed this in the Applications Dashboard which only seem to show information regarding physical hosts.

Any ideas on how to get application consumption reporting to include both virtual and physical systems? 



Hey Peter,

OCI has separate VM capacity marts, and Storage Capacity and Chargeback marts for different use cases.

As a rough rule of thumb, most OCI users tend to build multiple queries / reports to tackle both Vmware chargeback and storage chargeback.

Storage chargeback - you may want to annotate your VMware storage with application "VMware", and exclude capacity going to application "VMware" in your storage chargeback reporting

VM chargeback - report vm capacity by application, and tier, etc.

I have a US .gov customer doing something similar - rather than consume reports, we have a few different SQL queries running weekly to extract specific data sets that populate a billing system they built - their chargeback model includes other data feeds that OCI will never gather.

Usually customers using OCI for chargeback will have custom reporting requirements - these customers may find our canned reports interesting for idea generation, but often the reports themselves are built as part of a consulting exercise to obtain requirements.

We have some customers whose chargeback models vary from OCI's model, and in those environments we work with the customer to drive how their objectives can be met - I can think of a bank that prorates chargeback across all the applications that sit on a host's capacity. The same bank wants DR hosts' applications to be charged back for capacity, not the primary hosts' applications (in normal OCI chargeback, if a host has a LUN that has a remote replica (SRDF, mirrorview, Truecopy, etc), the remote lun's capacity will be charged back along with the primary lun's capacity to the source host on the principle of the source application is responsible for the replicas and should pay accordingly.


Thanks for the response ostiguy,

We are still working out how billing will be presented to our consumers but I do see a need to provide standardized reporting from OCI for per application consumption and data extracts (XML or CSV) for our showback/chargeback plaftform.  We have started documenting our reporting requirements for per application, tier and thin pools and may consider an engagement if required but I wonder if any of this can be done by myself or my staff?  Are the report authoring tools that come with OCI advanced enough to provide consolidated (physical and virtual) per application reporting?  Can you recommend a few experienced consulting firms that tackle this type of work?