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Certificate Based Authentication against Unified Manager 6.4




I'm trying to setup Certificate Based Authentication against Unified Manager 6.4 to use with NMSDK.

I did manage to setup CBA against DFM 5.2, but I didnt found any option on the Unified Manager: the "dfm" command on console has no 'dfm ssl service' option anymore

Because I couldn't find any topic on CBA in the Unified Manager 6.4 manual either, I am not sure, if it's still supported.


Do I have to use LDAP for certificate based authentication?







Re: Certificate Based Authentication against Unified Manager 6.4


Hi @acjackson



I do not believe SSL cert based auth is possible with Unified Manager 6+ releases.  I checked the SDK 5.5 docs and found this that agrees:






The authentication style

Following are the supported values:

  • HOSTS—to use the hosts.equiv file on the storage system to determine access rights.

  • LOGIN—to provide user name and password information. You can set the user name by using the API set_admin_user.

  • CERTIFICATE—to use certificates to authenticate clients who attempt to connect to a server, without using login credentials. This style automatically sets HTTPS as the transport mechanism. You can use this authentication mechanism for clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 and OnCommand Unified Manager 5.0.2, 5.1, and 5.2.

To authenticate the server, server certificate verification and hostname verification is required.

For more information, see the APIsNaServer::set_client_cert_and_key(),NaServer::set_ca_certs(),NaServer::set_server_cert_verification(),andNaServer::set_hostname_verification().



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