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Obtaining a report on SnapMirror durations and transfers


My current environment is 7-mode and OnCommand 5.x.


I am trying to come up with a way to generate a report on the duration and transfer sizes of my SnapMirrors. It's harder than I imagined.


In the NetApp Management Console I am able to navigate to Data>Jobs and generate a report that captures the transfer start time, end time, and transferred bytes of SnapMirror jobs. However, this report is displayed dynamically in the console and can't be exported as a .csv or other format.


I'm hoping that there is a way to export this report and also to reach back farther in the history so that a longer time period can be captured and analyzed. Simply copying the fields out en masse does not work, as they get copied out in their native format (java) and are too difficult to convert once dumped in Excel.


Any ideas on this? Should be easier.



Re: Obtaining a report on SnapMirror durations and transfers


Do a search for some of my scripts from years back in powershell.  That will give you everything you need

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