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Cisco UCS WFA Integration


I recently had a need for UCS automation to simplify VLAN additions, schedule UCS backups, and provide a reliable source of information to our asset managers so I created the following integration pack to accomplish these tasks.


As always, test before moving this into your production environment. Let me know if there are feature requests, issues, or improvements that could be made. Thanks!


Update 4/19/2018: Added additional details (mgmt IPs) to the blades dictionary for the asset managers, added a new dictionary called blade vNICs to display the vNICs and provide additional information, and updated the commands within the Add VLANs to FI and vNIC templates to ensure that one failed VLAN addition does not affect the entire workflow. 



  • Cisco UCS modules are in the default WFA location (edit the commands as needed)

Remote System Types

  • Cisco UCSM

Script Data Source Type

  • UCS_1.0.1


  • Ucs


  • Fis (Fabric Interconnects)
    • UCS domain name
    • UCS VIP
    • Name
    • Serial
    • Model
  • Chassis
    • UCS domain name
    • UCS VIP
    • Name
    • Serial
    • Model
  • Blades
    • UCS domain name
    • UCS VIP
    • Name (technically the chassis and blade number)
    • Service Profile (see the end of the service profile for the host name)
    • Serial
    • Model
    • Memory
    • CPU (number of sockets)
    • Cores
    • State (on or off)
    • Blade Name (SP name more likely to be user friendly)
    • Blade mgmt IP address
    • Blade mgmt Mac Address
    • Service profile Static mgmt IP
    • Service profile Dynamic mgmt IP
  • IOMs
    • UCS domain name
    • UCS VIP
    • Name
    • Serial
    • Model
  • Ucsvlans
    • UCS domain name
    • UCS VIP
    • Vlan name
    • Vlan ID
  • Vnic_templates
    • UCS domain name
    • UCS VIP
    • vNIC template name
    • Org path
    • Template type
  • blade_vnics
    • UCS domain name
    • UCS VIP
    • vNIC Name
    • MAC Address
    • MTU
    • Order placement
    • Switch ID
    • QOS policy name


    • UCS – Backup Fabric Interconnects Domain Configuration
    • UCS – Map VLANs to vNIC Templates
    • UCS – Add VLANs to Fabric Interconnect


  • UCS Inventory
    • This workflow displays the data from the most recent UCS acquisition including the FI, chassis, blade, and IOM info for each UCS domain. This “workflow” doesn’t perform an action and was created to give our asset managers insight into our UCS infrastructure.



  • UCS – Add VLANs to FIs and vNIC Templates
    • This workflow adds any number of VLANs to the root level of the FIs and the selected vNIC templates.



  • Backup UCS Configurations
    • This workflow performs all four types of backups (Full state, all config, system config, and logical config) of your UCS domains and stores them in a location of your choosing




This is a great stuff.




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