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Cluster mode info


Hi folks,

Where can I find info describing/defining the Netapp terms:

Standby / Partner / Single-Image / Dual Fabric

In relation to a cluster setup which in this case involves a single 3140 fitted with two storage controllers?

Thanks in advance for our help.



you can find about cluster information in active -active configuration data ontap guide.




Also, at that this point all modes other than single system image are essentially considered deprecated (good to know about for NCDA test reasons but almost definitely shouldn't be implemented in real life for fresh installs).

Hi Andrew,

The questions is in reaction to a number of existing environments, customer info requests/meetings where they make refference to these options and even in the current version of Synergy it is a required checkbox for certain configs.

So to be better able to address the various questions, I first need to read up on the different options.

But thanks for the exam tip!


Hi there,

Thanks for your reply.

I looked through this guide:

But can only find limited info regarding my question.

Do you have a link to any onther document regarding CF modes?


Hmm.....are you seeing this?

If you haven't already, I'd trudge through the results in a NOW search for "fcp cfmode".


Check out KB20454

Definitions for each of the cfmodes are:

  1. Standby - 'A' ports are active, and 'B' ports are in standby mode waiting for a takeover to occur.

  2. Partner - 'A' ports operate as they did in Data Ontap 6.4 and 6.3. However, the 'B' ports become a "proxy path" and operates on behalf of its partner node. When a takeover occurs, the 'B' ports continue to operate for the partner node, the node names do not change, and I/O continues to be processed.

  3. Mixed - mode does 2 things. It combines 'standby' and 'partner' modes and allows all FCP target ports to operate in all 3 states (local, standby, and partner). It accomplishes this by using the 'multi-id' functionality to have multiple FCP portname/nodenames on a single FCP port. This requires the port to operate in Loop mode.

  4. Single_image - was added in Data ONTAP 7.1 and is the default in Data ONTAP 7.2. It allows all ports to host LUNs from both filers, and it makes the filer act as a single FCP device server with only 1 FCP nodename. This mode works on all filers. 7.3 will only operate in Single_Image mode unless there is a previous mode configured before the system undergoes a DataONTAP update.  It will take on its previous role; if you want to change the role, it can only be changed to Single_Image and cannot be returned to its mode it was upgraded from or any other previous to 7.3 mode.


[root@testadm ~]# rsh mystorage fcp show cfmode
fcp show cfmode: single_image