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Config Advisor 5


Does Config Advisor 5 still have the physical cabling check for Storage included? If so, where is it located in GUI. If not, is the only option to use an older version. Thanks for responses.



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For Config Advisor 5.0 Quick Start Guide refer below link,

Config Advisor introduces support for several new features. The features available in Config Advisor are as follows:


• Config Advisor can be installed on multiple platforms - Windows, Mac, and Linux (64-bit).
• Displays cumulative at-a-glance information about a job in the Dashboard and individual profile dashboards.
• Collects data and performs analysis through the Network profile for ONTAP, FlexPod, and 7Mode profiles.
• Exports to PDF, Word and Excel reports for the ONTAP, FlexPod and 7-Mode profiles.
• Merges reports from multiple jobs in PDF, Word, or Excel.
• Provides a raw data viewer, collection scheduler, saving projects (encryption), job listing, and device-based collection.
• Provides health check details, device details, storage configuration, stack diagram, network interfaces, FlexPod Dashboard life cycle management, and FlexPod validated design, and basic    ONTAP Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) visualization represented in the interface.



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Re: Config Advisor 5



Yes, it still checks hardware and cabling.

It is located under the Device details - Stack diagram.


See attached screenshot of a 9.2 dual controller Fas.


Kind regards,

Martijn Moret

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