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Connect to Acquisition Server Programatically?


Is it possible to connect to the OCI acquisition server programmatically and extract data?

Reason I ask, is there are VM data points pulled by the acquisition server (VM CPU Wait for instance) that are not sent to the data warehouse. They are only available on the acquisition server.  In fact, out of the 8-9 VM CPU parameters that are available to view via acquisition server queries and dashboards, only 2 are sent to the data warehouse. I need access to the other VM CPU parameters for automated reports that can be sent out daily, weekly, monthly etc. If I could connect to the acquisition server programatically (ODBC, API, etc) I could do what needs to be done with the data. Just need to figure out if it's possible?

NetApp tells me that this has been registered as a feature request and a future version of OCI will have those parameters in the data warehouse. I can't wait that long for my customer.


Re: Connect to Acquisition Server Programatically?


Hello RJB,


Yes, this is possible. I actually might be able to help you with this if you ping me at hotz<at>


Kind regards,


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Re: Connect to Acquisition Server Programatically?


Thank you Gerhard!


Using the Rest API to get data from the acquisition server (OCI server) I think is going to work for me. As much as I'd like to use Python to do the work I won't be able to because of my customer's security posture. But I'm adapting using Powershell to pull the data, which is working so far. Thank you for the great help, examples,  and explanation you provided for this!

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