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Consistency group support in Protection Manager


IHAC that is currently implementing disaster recovery for Oracle databases using simple script + SnapMirror. Oracle is split between two volumes - data + logs. I am considering whether this can be replace by Protection Manager. One consideration is consistency - we need to make sure data + log volumes get coordinated snapshot that is replicated. Is it possible with PM? Can I configure it to perform consistent snapshots on dataset volumes?

Current functionality is actually very simple - script makes coordinated snapshots, initiates replication, checks that replication is finished for all volumes and removes old snapshots. It ensure that at least several last versions is available for the case latest snapshot could not be fully transferred. Database is in crash consistent state which is OK.

Thank you!



PM can do this using its built-in backup script functionality, but you have to write the script. Refer to the dfpm(1) man page for instructions on how the backups scripts work in Protection Manager.  Otherwise, talk to your sales team about SnapManager for Oracle or SnapCreator.


OK, thank you. I need to get a closer look at SnapCreator indeed. SMO/SMSAP would be overkill here (it complicates deployment without clear benefits).