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Convert 7-Mode WFA Scripts to Cdot?



A former collegue wrote some WFA workflows for our 7-mode systems. Now we are fully cdot and I need to use at least one of his scripts in the cdot environment. Is there a straightforward way to convert a WFA workflow from 7-mode to cdot? if not, any tips to make it a smoother transition? I am very new to actually using WFA myself.





unfortunately no you can't "convert" a 7-Mode worflow to a CMode workflow the underlying databases and commands are different between the two versions. You would need to rebuild it to work for CMode. What does the workflow do? There is likely a cMode template you can start with and modify as needed.



Thanks Nick. It's a workflow for resizing volumes that are SnapMirrored to keep source/destination consistent. Source is resized (making sure Autogrow settings stay within our standard), SnapMirror relationship is broken, fixed_size set to off, destination volume resized, and SnapMirror restored again. While I know destinations resize automatically if you increase the source volume size, it doesn't shrink automatically, and that's the purpose of the workflow (in addition to making sure our Autogrow standards are applied).


Depending on your cDOT ONTAP version you might not need to convert that workflow.

ONTAP has a built-in mechanism to resize SnapMirror target volumes automatically. But I don't recall which version this capability was introduced with.


regards, Niels


Hi niels,


Right, I think it was 8.2.x, and I noticed the automatic resize when volumes were INCREASED in size, but it still doesn't DECREASE destination volumes if you decrease at the source. At least as far as I know. We are on 9.1P8 at the moment.

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