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Query widgets in OCI 7.3.0


Hello together,


I'm looking to create query widget as it was possible in 7.2.x.


Are they no longer available in 7.3.0? I cannot find them when creating or changing a dashboard.


Thank you


Hi Mattias,   that is correct.  The newer versions of OCI no longer use the queries in the query menu for the widgets in favor of having the queries capability natively built into each widget.  This should make manament of the widgets easier without having to know what the query dependancies are for each widget and dashboard.  The query capability outside of the widgets primary function today is for tiering and annotations/rules as well as its ability to export lists of obect details to a csv.  The queries now within the widgets have introduced more filtering, aggregation, expression and grouping capabilities not present in the older query design. 

Best regards,



Hello,  i believe what you are refferencing is what is called a table widget. Please see the Table widget from the available widgets in the drop down menu on your dashboards. The query function has not moved in newer versions of OCI. However; we have incorperated the query like function within the available widgets in newer versions.


Hope this information proves helpful

Best regards,

Don Bourque .


Hello Don,


Thank you for the update.


What I'm looking for is, when I created in  7.2.x a widget, I could create a Query Widget and in this widget I could choose a already defined query from the query part of OCI. Has this removed so that I have to create new queries in the available widgets?


Thank you

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