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Create qtree and entry in quotas file without quota size (7Mode)


Hi guys


We are using WFA for database storage provisioning on Netapp 7-Mode.


In our environment we create separate volumes including one qtree with the DB name. For monitoring we use DFM (volume growth, searching for qtree). To get the historical data of a qtree, we always add a line into the /etc/quotas file and enable quotas on the volume.


Before WFA, we had lines like this in /etc/quotas:

/vol/volum101/DBNAME01     tree    -       -       -       -       -


Now with WFA, the hard quota limit is added to the quotas file:

/vol/volum101/DBNAME01     tree    100G       -       -       -       -


Do you know how I can tell WFA to not put the hard quota figues into the quotas file? We want to have the same format as before. As we have only 1 qtree per volume, there is no need for that. But as we want to keep the ability to monitor the qtrees, we still need to have the lines into the quotas file.


It must be related to the field disk_limit_mb I guess.


Thanks & regards



Re: Create qtree and entry in quotas file without quota size (7Mode)


Which workflow are you using in WFA for doing this?




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