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Creating an API Call for OCI 6.4.3



We are trying to find the appropriate API call in order to get the Data Center information for Storage Arrays.  What is the appropriate string?  We are building an inventory for a CMDB, and the data center info would be useful here.  I see a "getdatacenterid"  but that is under Reservation Requests, which is not what we want. 


Or are there any other suggestions on how to get that information?






Hey Julia,


You may want to look at using the OCI DWH for populating the CMDB. Extracting data via SQL may be easier than writing Java code using the legacy SOAP API.


The OCI DWH MySQL instance has a read only mysql user account 


Are the username / password for the readonly MySQL user we expose. You can even connect MS Excel to this (not that I would recommend that as a reporting tool), with an ODBC connector using the MySQL ODBC driver.


change localhost to the FQDN of the DWH server

On OCI 7.0.x and earlier, this is the DWH management page. admin / admin123 are the default credentials There is a documentation page, which has

Schema diagrams of the various OCI Datamarts


It is also worth knowing mysql has a CLI cloent




In a cmd prompt:


mysql -udwhuser -pnetapp123


use dwh_inventory;
select * from hv_virtual_machine;




Thanks, Matt.  I was wondering about that. 


Just to make sure I understand, if we do the extraction from DWH, we shouldn't run a risk of messing with the data?  I see it would be a read only operation, but I want to make sure that our data in the DWH doesn't become corrupted or is interfered with in any way by this method.


We have developers that are writing the code for this, as well, so if there is a way of writing a code to pull the data straight from OCI, I'd like to give them that option as well.



Thanks again,



There should be no risk on the DWH - The reporting & presentation layer we provide is just one approach for using the data in the DWH - we always intended the DWH to be an API as well, in that the data can be extracted via SQL tools. Some of our customers eschew using the presentation layer entirely, as they do reporting in their own tools, or bought OCI to feed other products, like billing systems


From your first post, it sounds like you were look at the legacy SOAP / Web services API. We are intending to eventually eliminate that, but it will take a long time. We are not adding new features to it.


OCI 7.0.1 and high has a REST API - this is good for interacting with the performance data OCI collects, if you need it as the same granularity the OCI UI presents.


We don't have out access to the OCI operational database - it is optimized for performance, not for human legibility. Conversely, we generally expect OCI DWH schema changes to be additive over time.


Generally speaking, CMDB uses cases line with with the OCI DWH well - you are not looking for real time data, working with SQL is a plus, and it acts like a consolidiation point (OCI customers with > 1 operational OCI instance would need to work with the SOAP / REST API on each OCI instance, whereas 1 OCI DWH can consolidate multiple OCI instances into a one stop shop