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Custom Quota Email notifications with UM 6.1


Hi Team,

I think the custom alert notification capability for quota emails is super cool in UM 6.1. 

Two questions about it:

1.  Can I create custom email notifications for TREE type quotas?

2.  Where are the variables defined?  "You have used $QUOTA_USED_PERCENT ($QUOTA_USED of $QUOTA_LIMIT) on $QUOTA_TARGET".  What does $QUOTA_TARGET indicate, and are there other variables?  The 6.1 admin guide does not define these variables. 





The variables are somewhat defined in the Online Help of UM 6.1.  But we still need an answer for TREE QUOTA ALERTS.

Email Notification Format dialog box

The Email Notification Format dialog box displays the notification format of the email that is sent to a user or a user group when there is a quota-related issue (soft limit breached or hard limit reached).

The email notification is sent only when the following user or user group quota events are generated: User or Group Quota Disk Space Soft Limit Breach...


Displays the email address from which the email is sent, which can be modified. By default, this is the email address that is specified under Notification in the General Settings area of the Setup Options dialog box.


Displays the subject of the notification email.

Email Details

Displays the text of the notification email. You can modify the text based on your requirements. For example, you can provide information related to t...

Valid keywords are as follows:


Specifies the event name that caused the email notification.


Specifies the qtree or volume on which the quota is applicable.


Specifies the percentage of disk hard limit, disk soft limit, file hard limit, or file soft limit that is used by the user or user group.


Specifies one of the following:

Disk soft limit or file soft limit that is breached by the user or user group and the User or Group Quota Disk Space Soft Limit Breached event or the ...

Disk hard limit or file hard limit that is reached by the user or user group and the User or Group Quota Disk Space Hard Limit Reached event or the Us...


Specifies the disk space used or the number of files created by the user or user group.


Specifies the user or user group name.


Email Notification Format is for User and Group Quota emails which can be customized and can be send to specific user or group . For Qtree Quota we can use alert feature and can be used be qtree quota events notofocation .




Hello Pooja,

Thanks for the help. The goal is to create a custom email notification that does not have any reference to the UM server in the email notification. Is that feature available or will become available for TREE type quotas? The use case is the quota alert will go to a regular user who has no access nor interest in logging into the UM 61 server and it just confuses them as to why they are presented with these hyperlinks.

“A risk was generated by ps-ocum61 that requires your attention.

Risk - Qtree Space Soft Limit Breached

Impact Area - Capacity

Severity - Warning

Source - okes_svm:/vol3/okes_hadrian_team

Trigger Condition - The soft limit set at 5.00 GB is breached. 10.00 GB (200.00% of soft limit) is used. The hard limit is set at 10.00 GB.

Event details:

Source details:

Alert details:

Do not reply to this email. This is an automatically generated email and replies to this email address are not attended to.”


Hi Hadrian,

Sorry for replying late for this thread.

>>The use case is the quota alert will go to a regular user who has no access nor interest in logging into the UM 61 server

[You can't accomplish this(customizing existing format of alert emails) in the released UM6.1 nor is this planned for the ongoing release, for qtree quota events.

Can you raise a RFE BURT for this requirement and provide link to this NTN discussion thread?



What became of this?


I would like to have this feature.   We have set up a  number of qtree's which correspond to Departments in our organization.  Each department has a "data owner" that would need to get the notification and manage the space, but the don't need to see Oncommand links.  In short, the user level is too granualar for our needs in this case --- it is certainly useful for home dirs, etc.


Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but it matches my question quite well.


This is something our company would also find useful for the same reasons listed by erpadmin.  Our end users don't need to see the OCUM links when getting capacity alerts on their volumes/qtrees/quotas and it would likely cause confusion having them there.


We're looking at using the custom script options present in OCUM 6.3 to do custom email alerting but it certainly isn't as elegant as a built-in template(s) would be.


Yes a template script reused with the hardcoded values inserted into each script and pointed at each qtree alert definition would work.


I may eventually have to do something like that.  It would be nice if the called scripts had access to a number of relevant env variables, but I haven't checked if they do or not -- my assumption is that it's not very promising.


EDIT:  looks like perl is supported (good for me 🙂 ) and the following info is passed


The script uses the following arguments for execution:


I wrote a script that emailed the parameters to me when the alert was hit.  Here is the output.  So one script with email address per qtree hard coding can be used!















We are looking into this for OCUM7.1RC1, any chance you can share your perl script so we can test if the environment variables are sent? We tested with a simple bat file and there we can't see the mentioned variables passed on.




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