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Does the "Report Store" still exist?


I've checked every link I can find in the Forum that was supposed to take you to the Report Store, and none of them did. I also searched for it, scanning pages of irrelevant matches with no success. After an hour of futility, I finally decided to just ask - does it exist anymore? Is it obsolete, or replaced by something else? Was it somebody's fantasy from day one, or perhaps a prank on the community designed to make you wander around for hours? Inquiring minds want to know!


Sorry if this sounds frustrated, but I am a little. Please forgive the implied tone, I'm just trying to find if it even exists, and how to get to it if it does.


Thank you for your attention to this matter,

    Scott Lindley


Re: Does the "Report Store" still exist?




Please refer link:

This product is no longer available. Consider OnCommand™ Insight for similar but advanced functionality.

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Re: Does the "Report Store" still exist?


Hi Scott:


Well, I am here to tell you that after a few years of posting finished Reports, Templates, Macros, Financials, etc we have changed our way of approaching Consultants for Clients, and have built a whole new website that is now a Crowd-Sourcing platform.


Not only will people that are well-versed in writing reports be able to earn a living writing for various companies anywhere in the world, but Clients now have a go-to place where they can get their necessary and vital reporting needs met by clicking a button.


Everyone wins.


Hope this answers your question.  The more important thing is, maybe you weren't adding the THE in THEREPORTSTORE.COM?


Hope you visit us soon.  Sorry this was such a difficult thing.


Best regards,


The Report Store Team

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