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DFM Sql queries

Can someone please help me SQL queries to DFM database to report below items? I am try to build a executive dashboard.

Capacity and utilization
Volume status and utilization
Dedup savings percentage on aggr and vol
Critical alerts in last 24 hours
Data growth and trending monthly
Performance and throughput details
Disk status and trending on disk usage

More information is appreciated.
It would be great if you can help me with ssrs rdl's if you have it handy.

Re: DFM Sql queries




What DFM and perf advisers versions you are using and likely to use?

the DFM suite can (in some ways) generate all the reports you mentioned.


i would avoid direct DB query as the filled tends to change. and netapp has no obligation to keep them. also - ther's a lot of room for erros with custom reports, as sometimes the data in the DB is not in friendly values like some KB some in Kb, some not completely self explained like in the GUI (when the size includes reserves and  sanp, and when not)



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: DFM Sql queries

Hi Gidi, thank you for quick response. I Know DFM suite can generate those reports. But I wanted to customize them all in one single report as dashboard and schedule it as daily report. BTW I am on 7 mode and DFM version is 5.1 I believe (I may be wrong). I will login to DFM and give you the exact version details. Thank you so much for you help in advance.
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