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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

DFM db migration to OC5


I do have a question concerning the DFM Database migration.   The migration was successful, and the reports on the new system within OPS Manager are consistent with the old system.  However, there is a difference in the reports/graphs from the Management Console application.  I can only see a date range going back to the date of the database migration.  The old system has information dating back further.  Is this a known limitation, or is there a way around it?



Hi Tony,

     That sounds bizzare, and we have never heard this. Can you give us more information on the following details.

What was your old version.

To which version you migrated ?

Is there any timezone change between the two system ? Currently what version of  OC are you.

This sounds like a bug or config issue and needs more investigation.




Hi tony,

Could you also let us know the steps you followed for the database migration.




- We migrated from DFM version to
-  Installed OnCommand Core 5 (64 Bit version).
- The original system was Windows 2003 R2 EE.  The new system is Windows 2008 R2 (64 bit)
- Timezone is the same on both systems

- The NetApp Management Console on the old server is version 2.3.  The new one is 3.1
- On the Management Console, we see all of the configurations that were originally created. However the Max Range for the graphs differ.

Migration Steps:

1. Ran dfm backup create on old system
2. Installed OnCommand Core on new system (unconfigured)
3. Copied dfm database from old system to new system
4. Ran dfm backup restore on new system

The restore completed successfully.  All Groups, Member Details, Licenses, etc. were migrated.
The only thing we modified on the new system was the Backup Destination and the FQDN for the HTTPS Settings.


It would be good to know if a restore of the 3.8 backup to another 3.8 server produced the same results as this is not an expected outcome of a db restore as you should see exactly the same data. 

Is the missing data only in certain (custom) views?


Hi Izzi,

I was wondering of the migration steps you have done.

Migration Steps:

1. Ran dfm backup create on old system 
2. Installed OnCommand Core on new system (unconfigured) --> Pure install only. Stop some services?
3. Copied dfm database from old system to new system
4. Ran dfm backup restore on new system --> After the restore, do you have to shutdown the old dfm then start the services on new server?

If you have documentation, would you mind posting it here?

Thank you.

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