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DFM upgrade/migration


Hello all

Hope everybody is well. I'm in the process of upgrading my Operations Manager from 3.7.1 to 4.0. The issue I'm having is that the VM instance is running out of disk. I would also like to move to Windows 2008.

The question is:

How do I migrate all my data to the new server after installing the 4.0 on a new Windows 2008 server? Is this even possible? I tried looking for TR's, but not much success. I also tried looking in the communities but not having much luck.

Thanks all



will the dfm backup command work across 3.7.1 to 4.0??


AFAIK you can't restore backup of pre 3.8 to 4, so better you install 3.7 on new server (if supported), restore the backup from old system and then upgrade it with 4. Second option would be to install 4 on your VM and then take backup of database and restore on new systems, make sure you are having double of your existing perfdata folder space available while upgrading as in my experience it eats up lot of space for perfdata during upgrade.


What makes you think otherwise ?Can you spell out the reason why you think so ?





     To upgrade from, 3.7.1 to 4.0 first create a backup using the below command in your 3.7.1 machine

dfm backup create.

This will take few minutes to hours depending on your database and perfdata size.

Now on the Win2K8 install 4.0 I would suggest you to install 4.0D12 instead.

Copy the backup created in 3.7.1 to Win2k8 either directly or by using some cifs share or shared drive.

Then on the 4.0D12 machine run the below commad.

dfm backup restore <backup filename with the location>

This will do an upgrade of the dfm db to 4.0 which will take time as there is lot of changes,Also if you have netcache being monitored by dfm they will be removed, only then the upgrade can happen to 4.0D12

Else you will have to stay on 3.7.1.As 3.8 removed the support for Netcache .

Also you would need to take care of space requirements in your new 4.0D12 machine as you would require twice(less but to be on safer side) the amount of storage you required in 3.7.1.

As 4.0D12 will create Peformance Advisor trend files and upgrade some counter groups and widen some counter groups.

Also note that the db back does not contain the following,copy the same from old to new server if you have or had info in them.

The following folders are not part of the archive-based backup:

  • Reports

    This folder contains the output of scheduled reports. You can use the dfm options list reportsArchiveDir command to locate the reports folder.

  • Data 

    This folder contains the DataFabric Manager database backups and the monitordb.db and monitordb.log files. You can use the dfm options list databaseBackupDir command to locate the data folder.

    You should not copy monitordb.db and montirodb.log files to DataFabric Manager server 4.0

  • This is required only if you would want to copy your old backup to the new server..

  • DataExport

    This folder contains the output of dfm data export command. You can use the dfm options list dataExportDir command to locate the export folder.




Hello Adai,

Will exporting the db from dfm and importing to OnCommand 5 includes the users account/setting from the old dfm?

I was thinking of the same procedure to do to migrate the current dfm to OnCommand 5.

Thank you.



Yes, the backup contains all the existing configuration, historical trending data, and perf data.

However I recommend that for any migration a backup be restored to a similar major version server (4.x to 4.x) and then upgraded in place upgrade to a newer version (OnCommand UM 5.0.2P1 or 5.1).

As of OnCommand UM 5.0 the db is encrypted and as of 5.1 Sybase is upgraded.  In my opinion it always safer to restore a db backup to a similar major version.  I am not stating the restore of an older db to a newer version will always fail, but upgrading a known working server will have a better chance of succeeding.