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DFM graph report


experts up there , I am trying to get a report on space/volumes usage over the past six months,I will appreciate if someone can help me on that.

I want to put the data into excel/gif file .

This is what I did and did not get me to get the filer space usage graph

>df graph 15552000 -e 0 -w 1000 -h 500 -F gif volume-usage myfiler >file.gif

it is creaing a file , but do not see any data


Re: DFM graph report


Hi Ratnathurai,

Have a look at this Script that generates an excel document : summary of aggr/vol/lun with main information. It may help you to retrieve the information. It also explains from where you can retrieve the generated excel file.

and refer this thread too which was explained by adai



Re: DFM graph report



I have exactly the same problem.

The reply fro Hari Krishna is not a solution or remotely related to your question.

Are there any requirements that need to be installed for dfm graph to be able to create a Gif or PNG file?

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