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Managing only portion of Cascade Mirror-Vault with PM and snapshot questions


I'm just curious if anyone is doing what i'm investigating.

We have a filer level VSM that gets managed currently at the filer level.   We would like to introduce SV with Protection Manager to handle the backup part to our nearstore device.  I'm reviewing TR-3487 and section 6.2, combining vsm and sv is slightly confusing.

I assume we will use the backup policy in PM and just tweak it to our needs, but i'm curious if we already have snapshots from VSM getting replicated to the seconadary, and we want to snapvault off that secondaryd, do we need to take more SV Snapshots  on the secondary (which becomes primary SV) ?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated it




It really depends on your requirement whether to store multiple snapshots on secondary volume (SV Primary).

In your case, you don't have to take more SV snapshots on primary. You can just schedule less number of weekly and nightly snapshots and take more snaps on SV secondary. That doesn't harm you in any way considering your primary volume (SV) has good amount of snaps being replicated off VSM.


Hmm.. I've been playing around with this for a day or so.   I'm not having much success..

so, just to recap, the VSM policy is managed by snapmirror.conf file, but we want to snapvault off the mirror.    I'm struggling with setting up this policy. I know we can't create "primary" snaps because it's a read-only volume, but we want to snapvault and then create the snapshot on the snapvault dst..

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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