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DP Transfer Mirror Reports


Hi all,

I'm hoping somebody can clear something up for me.  We manage 96 filers, all of which are monitored by Oncommand Unified Manager/DFM.  We have a lot of snapmirrors from remote sites back to larger filers at our main data centers which appear as External relationships and don't appear in DP Transfer Mirror reports.

Recently though we have deployed 3 FAS2220 filers configured the same as the previous 85 FAS2040 filers and those snapmirrors DO appear in the DP Transfer Mirror Reports.  I have checked licensing and options and haven't found any significant differences between the filers.  All are running Ontap 8.1.2p4 and are licensed for Protection Manager and operations manager.

Any ideas?  I'm stumped.





  1. What version of OCUM that you are running ?
  2. What is the value of this option ?
  3. Are both source and destination controllers of the SnapMirror managed by OCUM ?
  4. When you say snapmirror are they, volume snapmirror relationships or qtree snapmirror ?

Can you give an example of the relationship being discovered and reported by OCUM, but transfer report for the same is not being shown ?

dfpm relationship list | grep <some relationship name>

dfm report view <transfer report> | grep <same relationship name>




Hi Adai, thanks for the reply.  Below is the information you requested.

  1. OCUM version is 5.2
  2. Not sure which option you mean
  3. For the FAS2040 filers, none of the snapmirrors are managed by OCUM/Protection Manager.  In other words, the snapmirror relationships existed prior to us implementing OCUM show as external relationships in OCUM/NMC, have not been imported into a dataset and are managed by the snapmirror.conf file. All filers are monitored by OCUM.
  4. All the snapmirrors are VSMs.

PS C:\dfpm relationship list | Select-String -pattern "fas2220"

Relationship Id Relationship Type     Dataset Id     Dataset Name     Source                                   Destination                                   Deleted     Deleted By

147578          volume_snapmirror          0                                        FAS2220:/backup                  FAS6240:/fas2220_backup             No

147579          volume_snapmirror          0                                        FAS2220:/home                     FAS6240:/fas2220_home               No

147580          volume_snapmirror          0                                        FAS2220:/shares                   FAS6240:/fas2220_shares             No

PS C:\dfpm relationship list | Select-String -pattern "fas2040"

113780           volume_snapmirror          0                                     FAS2040:/home                         FAS6240:/FAS2040_home           No

113781           volume_snapmirror          0                                     FAS2040:/shares                       FAS6240:/FAS2040_shares         No

113782           volume_snapmirror          0                                     FAS2040:/backup                      FAS6240:/FAS2040_backup         No

PS C:\dfm report view dp-transfer-mirror-quarterly | Select-String -pattern "FAS2220"

Relationship ID Source Name                              Destination Name                 Timestamp         Bytes Transferred Transfer Rate /sec Transfers Transfer Failures

147578          FAS2220:/backup                  FAS6240:/fas2220_backup            2013-10-01            110484                279                   10                 0

147578          FAS2220:/backup                  FAS6240:/fas2220_backup            2013-07-01             99548                237                  10                 0

147579          FAS2220:/home                    FAS6240:/fas2220_home               2013-10-01            169952                 34                  538                0

147579          FAS2220:/home                    FAS6240:/fas2220_home               2013-07-01           3386156                136                601                0

147580          FAS2220:/shares                  FAS6240:/fas2220_shares             2013-10-01             70976                 249                   9                 0

147580          FAS2220:/shares                  FAS6240:/fas2220_shares             2013-07-01          46136912               308                   9                 0

PS C:\dfm report view dp-transfer-mirror-quarterly | Select-String -pattern "FAS2040"

(nothing returned)



    BTW was this a fresh install of OCUM 5.2 ?

Pls check whats the value of this option

lnx142-x2:~ # dfm option list dataTransferReports

Option              Value

------------------- ------------------------------

dataTransferReports Disabled

lnx142-x2:~ #

If its disabled, pls enable the same to get the datatrasnfer reports.




We have been running DCFM/OCUM for a couple year now and have upgraded the original installation along the way up to 5.2.

PS C:\> dfm option list dataTransferReports

Option              Value

------------------- ------------------------------

dataTransferReports Enabled



      You have all things that are required for datatransfer report. So at this time are out of ideas as to why you aren't getting the transfer reports for the VSM relationship that are discovered in OCUM.

In order to show up the transfer reports, the relationship just needs to be monitored in OCUM and not necessarily managed.

My first gut feel is may be due to the naming, as the hostname and the volume names both have the same, FAS2040, but that's my gut feel.

I suggest you open a case with Netapp Support for more deeper investigation...and there by for a resolution.



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