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Dataset non-conformance


Hey guys,

I'm seeing an non-conformance error on one of my datasets that I’m not easily understanding....


=== SEVERITY ===
Warning: Could not proceed automatically with this task. Found a deleted relationship for primary vfiler:/vol/qtree and dpReBaselineMode is set to Confirm.
=== ACTION ===
Check for prior deleted relationship that may have been used for this primary.
=== REASON ===
Task requires user confirmation.
If the relationship should be present, attempt to resolve possible issues with the relationship. If 'Conform Now' is selected at this time, be aware that a re-baseline may be attempted to conform this dataset.

I didn't manually delete anything so, i'm wondering what caused DFM to delete the SV relationship. I've tried multiple times to 'conform now' but, its always come back to this same non-conformance error.

Any thoughts as to what would cause the deleted relationship or what can be done to have this relationship recreated allowing my dataset to confirm?





Hi Scott --

What this message is saying is ProtMgr previously knew there was a relationship present, but the storage systems are now no longer reporting that relationship exists. As a result, ProtMgr marked the relationship as deleted in our database. We have found conditions in the past where we know ONTAP will temporarily not report everything correctly so we are conservative about whether to start creating new relationships or not.

Check both storage systems to verify they both think the relationship exists. If so, look in the DFM logs to see if we're having trouble monitoring the systems.

When you click "Conform now", do you get any preview results indicating we are going to try to re-create the relationship? If you do, there ought to be a job launched to create it. If the relationship isn't being created, look in the job logs for more clues why. If we don't seem to want to re-create the relationship, I can't explain that. The logic used to compute non-conformance is the exact same piece of code creating the preview results so it should come up with the same answer.

-- Pete


Hi !


Did you get this error resolved??


How did you did it??


I´m running same issue in datasets used by SMO.


Thanks !