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OCM 6.2RC1 alert "Cluster Add Required to Receive Performance Incidents"


I have the annoying alert that I can't seem to correct.  All Clusters status are 'green' and communication status is good.


I removed the Cluster resource key and uuid from below.

This is the full alert message.


 Impact Level:Risk
 Impact Area:Configuration
Source Type:
Management Station
Acknowledged By: 
Resolved By: 
Assigned To: 
Triggered Time:
Friday, 14:29 
Trigger Condition:
Cluster needs to be added to receive performance incidents. Cluster resource key: xxxxxxxx :type=cluster,uuid=xxxxxxxxx

Re: OCM 6.2RC1 alert "Cluster Add Required to Receive Performance Incidents"


Is this scenario correct: 

  1. Cluster in question is being monitored by OnCommand Performance Manager (OPM)
  2. The OPM instance in #1 has been connected to OnCommand Unified Manager (UM) 6.2RC1 from which the Alert was captured?

Has the cluster in question been added to UM 6.2RC1 and are monitoring runs completing successfully?


For scenarios where UM and OPM are in the environment and OPM has been configured to send incidents to UM, individual clusters must be added to both UM and OPM and polling must be completing successfully.

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