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Datasets "nonconformant" after DFM upgrade



Aprox 2 weeks ago we ugraded DFM to 5.2.

With that we updated Management Console to 3.3

After that our datasets starts giving error that they are nonconformant.

The error message is:

The Active/Active partner of storage system controller_name does not have any interfaces in the ipspace xxxxxxx-ipspace

But checking in CLI both partner nodes have interfaces connected to that ipspace.

And now it gets stranger... it seems to be intermittent.

Some days all datasets are conformed, some days 10 out of 20 are nonconformant.

Due to this error we can´t provosion new datasets from Provisioning Manager, but from CLI there´s no problem.

Also, after provisioning manually, updating the quotas file and restart the quota.. all info shows up in Provisioning Manager.

Running ONTAP 7-mode 8.1.2P3 on FAS3270 active-active

Any ideas?



I too am seeing datasets going into a nonconformant state.  My errors are only on those datasets where I do a cascasding mirror (primary -> 1st mirror -> 2nd mirror).  The second relationship seems to get lost on random volumes.  I can see this by checking the snapmirror status on the 1st mirror array and finding only one relationship (there should be two).  Easily corrected by going to the 2nd mirror controller and run "snapmirror resync" against the volume(s) in question.  I just end up doing this for 5-10 volumes per day.  And if I don't do it the other volumes in the dataset mirror successfully but those with errors are just skipped.  I see this on both Oracle and SQL volumes (only ones doing cascading mirrors).  My cascading SnapVault (primary -> mirror -> vault) are running happily.

I do have a case open with Support but since it is a low priority no one has actively worked it yet. 


I only use SnapVault on my system, and no cascading.

The strange thins is that the conformance/nonconformance jumps from dataset to dataset.

One day I have 5/20 in nonconformant, next day I can have 10/20, and some days none.... without me doing anything.

We to have a case about this, with slow progress, and the last information I got was that it was due to my resource pools being full (which they are not , I have 20+TB in each)

And how can "The Active/Active partner of storage system controller_name does not have any interfaces in the ipspace xxxxxxx-ipspace" error have anything to do with resource pools being full??