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Workflow user input dependency with a function?


Hi to all,

with WFA 2.1 it is possible to create a dependency for a workflows user input field. As far as I have found out, this dependency can only refer to another user input field and a list of values for this other input field. The values have to be keyed in the field "applicable values".

Is there a possibilite to create a dependency of a user input field to a WFA function?

Why doing this? I have a user input field (e. g. field1) with 5 possible values. For 3 of those values I need an additional user input field (e. g. field2). In the current version I have to create a dependency for field2, which points to the 3 values of field1. Keying in those 3 values for one workflow is no problem, but I need this for several workflows. And the 3 values might change in the future. Thus I would have to change a lot of user input fields in several workflows. Using a central function for this would make this easier.

Thanks for your answers.

Best Regards



Re: Workflow user input dependency with a function?


Hi Walter, Unfortunately what you are saying is not possible. The only dependencies user inputs support are with other user input values. This is something we would want implement in a future version.



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