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Dell Force10 FCoE Switch in OCI support matrix?



Recently customer are already implemented many Dell Force10 FCoE Switches in their several datacenters around the world.

But I do not see Dell or Force10 vendor in OCI 7.0 data sources support matrix.

Is there any alternative datasource type for Dell Force10 FCoE switches, or alternative solution to let OCI monitor Force10 devices?

If yes, can someone provide me the link of the manual and download package please.

If not, any idea when Dell Force10 FCoE Switch are supported in OCI roadmap?



Re: Dell Force10 FCoE Switch in OCI support matrix?


We have no plans to support Dell Force10 switches.

I believe these are dumb edge devices, logically, from a fibre channel perspective, and they do not participate in FC zoning. OCI does not need to actively discover these devices to understand the N port logins on the fibre channel fabric - we only need to discover the "real" fibre channel switches in the fabric to do so.

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