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Determine Aggregate Growth rates and Predict When you are going to fill your storage up (script attached)


So, i know i've been asked many times regarding is it possible to build-out capacity management based on OnCommand.

So, what I did is write a script that queries the aggregates and puts together growth rate numbers and then I did some calculation to figure out about how many days until your aggregate will reach 90%.  I then pipe this to HTML headers and send it on it's way to a webserver for team review.

The code is provided as is, and if you feel you can help build on it, either reply to the post or send me a PM.  For our environment I skip Aggr0, b/c we don't use this for anything other than Ontap files and vfiler roots

Hope this concept helps a lot of people.





Hi Josh,

            OCUM provides this out of the box both in form of reports and graph. Have you tried that ?



BTW can you give me some more details on how to run this powershell script and what are the pre-reqs ? So that I can give it a try.



OCUM doesnt do what this does out of the box.  This script handles all the math and does predictive based capacity planning based on a 30day elastic growth trend. 

I should have provided instructions on how to run, so im sorry about that.

Copy the script to your oncommand core server.  Edit the script with notepad and at the bottom im piping csv fils and html files to a directory. Just change that to somewhere local so you can see how it runs.

You can pm me your email and i can give you detailed screenshots.  I cant post the. 


would you mind helping me run this script?. do i copy it the actual netapp? i am trying to see analytics on aggregate growth past and future if possible so i can properly make an upgrade decision. thanks so much. 




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