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Display volumes with high write workload within Performance Advisor?




I am running DFM v5.2 and accessing the Performance Advisor views using NetApp Mgt Console.


Sysstat tells me that I have a large quantity of writes at a system level. This causes a problem on our metrocluster as it floods the ISL links between the heads. I want to know which volumes are contributing to the heavy write. I’ve looked at “Storage System – Top Logical Objects” but this doesn’t show the read/write breakdown.


I could potentially create a custom view to tell me and in the CLI it would be pretty straightforward


dfm perf view create “Top writing vols”

dfm perf view chart add “Top writing vols” “filerA”

dfm perf view counter add –n “vfilername:/volume1” “Top writing vols” “filerA” “volume:write_data”

dfm perf view counter add –n “vfilername:/volume2” “Top writing vols” “filerA” “volume:write_data”

dfm perf view counter add –n “vfilername:/volume3” “Top writing vols” “filerA” “volume:write_data”


This would work and I could then extract the data. However with hundreds of volumes it just feels messy.


Is there a better way to achieve this? Thanks in advance



Actually I've worked this out now. For reference for others, it's easy to do within the GUI. Simply create a view with a chart that has "show objects with highest or lowest value for a counter" rather than "show performance of the selected counters over time"

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