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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

Does OnCommand allow to monitor AV scanning?


I'm looking for commands in either ONTAP or better OnCommand that allow monitoring the AV scanning process?

I.e. for SLA/scaling purposes I would like to monitor:

  • the amount of scan requests in the queue?
  • the min/mean/average/max response times of these requests
  • the top ten extensions
  • the percentage of used scan network bandwidth vs user network bandwidth
  • many more of these item that will help to build a properly scaled AV scan infrastructure

thank you




Which OCUM version supported monitoring AV scanning?

We planning to upgrade all filers to version 8.1.2 and Oncommand to 5.0.2.



Syed Bahrin

Hi Syed,

     ONTAP 8.1.2 is not supported on 5.0.2. Pls use OCUM 5.2 or 5.1 in which ONTAP 8.1.2 is supported. As mentioned by niels all version of OCUM supports monitoring of AV

using Performance Advisor Counters.




Hi J,

there is a way to monitor and even alert on at least some counters with Performance Advisor.

To do so, you'll have to set the following option:

dfm options set perfAdvisorShowDiagCounters=Enabled

Afterwards you have to enable collection of the "vscan_stats" and "vscan_server_stats" counters for your controllers

and set the retention (don't keep those too long unless you have enough disk space ;-))

As soon as the collection of those counters has started, you'll be able to build a custom view that visualizes those counters.

regards, Niels


This would seem to only be available for machines running i Cluster Mode.

I have wondered for years why there is such a disconnect between new functionality in ONTap and corresponding monitoring capabilities.  I assume that most new functionality gets its internal counters exposed either via XML or SNMP interfaces, but DFM (..., ...) has no way to monitor:

1. vscan performance ...

2. deduplication performance  (when it runs, how long it runs, how many GB are scanned)

3. reallocation performance (when it scans and when it actually reallocates)

4. vol autosize  ... when it runs and when it is close to maxsize... perhaps even better ways of setting thresholds...

Some of these monitoring activities could lead to more automatization of certain more mundane tasks...


Thanks Niels, I wasnt aware that we have AV related counter under diag more in our counter manager using which we could monitor them. I was always thinking it in terms of Ops-Mgr. I will add this to my arsneal.



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