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Does WFA have "create date" information for aggregates, volumes?



I have a customer that wishes to use aggregate and/or volume creation date in their selection of where to place new volumes. Does WFA have that data?

The non-WFA placement methodology looks something like this and they want to automate it in WFA.

  • Select an aggregate where
    • it is not aggr0
    • the overcommitment is < X%
    • the capacity used is < X%
    • there have been no volumes created within the last X days

Is this possible? I've never seen create date in the Unified Manager database, so I'm wondering if we have that data?




Hi Phil,

We don't have that data for volumes and aggregates. Not sure if OCUM has that info anyway.

For volumes, I remember we wanted something like that and it wasn't available. I do see a discovery timestamp, but not sure if that's a good enough indication (It is possible to use it in that context).

Best regards,



Yaron, is this something that doesn't exist in Data ONTAP, or just isn't captured by OC UM?


There is something called "objCreationTimestamp" in OCUM db for all objects. This is the timestamp at which the object(objID) was created in dfm for a volume, qtree, aggr etc.

If you add a filer to a OCUM, which has 2 aggr, 10 volume, 20 qtree, then all of these will have the same "objCreationTimestamp", the time at which filer was added to OCUM.

Now if you create a new volume or qtree to this filer, the "objCreationTimestamp" will be within 15mins of obj created in filer.

As the discovery mon for qtrees, aggr, volumes runs once every 15mins by default.

So if that something OK ( 15mins, max difference between it got created in filer and discovered in OCUM) feel free to use objCreationTimestamp.




>> So if that something OK ( 15mins, max difference between it got created in filer and discovered in OCUM) feel free to use objCreationTimestamp

From WFA side, we currently cache this objCreationTimestamp (the one Adai and Yaron are mentioning) as discoveryTimestamp as shown in picture below. This is available from WFA 2.0.1 release and only for volumes of traditional Data ONTAP (7-mode systems)

Also, I have personally not seen anything like a creation timestamp exposed from ONTAP in APIs at least.



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