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During workflow execution, is there a way to turn a step box yellow (warning) and continue


The background to this question comes from a customer where we are using the cDOT "Add CIFS Share ACL" command. As this command  loops through and adds each user/group it reports errors as warnings (using Get-WfaLogger -Warn which appear as yellow text in the log) and then at the very end it checks to see if there were 'any' errors and if so, it throws an error message and the workflow aborts. Not a problem.


However, I'm considering alternatives for some possible changes to this logic (in a clone of this cmd). One could want to continue workflow execution is the error (or errors) encountered were "duplicate entry" for example (or some other specifically trapped error). But it would be nice if the command step could communicate back up to the workflow level that a warning condition occured and have WFA color that command step yellow but continue executing the rest of the workflow.


I don't believe this is possible but asking to make sure.







  I like the idea of setting the completion box color to Yellow.  As far as I know the ability to set or throw a warning is not yet incorported into WFA.  I have asked for this feture request in the past and believe it is under consideration.  I have a crude work-around.  It is a "Throw Warning" command that I put at the end of the workflow.  If the warning file exists, then this command throws the warning messages as an error.  The workflow screen will turn red because I am using the throw error function, but the text starts with a WARNING message.  Since it is the last command in the workflow, the real work of the workflow completes and I issue the warning message to the screen after we are done.  I used this in my grow volume workflow for space issues on the VSM destinations.




There is an RFE logged for the same.

BURT number 776288. Updated the BURT with this community thread link so

that the discussion can be referred.