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WFA 3.1 Custom workflow with snapmirror failing


I'm new to WFA and trying to create a workflow that will result in creating a volume and CIFS share on two clusters and then creating snapmirror relationship between the two volumes.  I was able to create a volume and CIFS share on the two clusters, create the cluster peer and SVM peer, but the create snapmirror command results in:


Failed to evaluate resource selector. Found variable - expected literal

Location: 'Create SnapMirror' command > 'SnapMirror' tab > 'relationship' variable > 'secondary_volume' property


I am able to create a snapmirror relationship using the standard create snapmirror relationship workflow in the data protection category.  I looked at the inputs and the flow and don't see what is wrong with my use of the command.    My parameters for the create snapmirror command and create volume command attached.   Thank you.




Re: WFA 3.1 Custom workflow with snapmirror failing




I am also facing the same issues, it looks to me like there is some compatibility issue with perl module.

as this snapmirror command is written in perl code.


I am trying to write the same command in powershell and hopefully it should work well.



Re: WFA 3.1 Custom workflow with snapmirror failing


It is happening most likely because of parameter mismatch.

Meaning somewhere reference is expected however a string is entered.

Or a string is expected and a number is entered.



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