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EMC VMAX hostname :Sym-050074300335


Hi All


OCI 7.1 discover EMC VMAX hostname as  "Sym-050074300335" . Could you Please tell me how to update correct hostname .







Some customers that know their SYM arrays by assigned names create a custom annotation on the Storage Array object in OCI and populate it with the array's assigned name.  You might call that annotation "alias".  Appropriate strategies for maintaining that annotation data will vary depending on environment size, rate of array lifecycle replacement, and available sources of data about which serial number corresponds to which vanity name. 




You cannot.


Traditionally, there is no such thing as a hostname for a Symmetrix array as it is classically a fibre channel array with no ethernet or IP interfaces.


OCI uses the serial number of the Symmetrix array as the "name" within OCI because it is guaranteed to be unique, but more importantly, is what is used via symcli commands, which is traditionally the management interface of the Symm.


Some storages arrays support nicknames, or labels. OCI doesn't currently retrieve the label or nickname of the Symmetrix array.



Thanks for the update, i was thinking that i can change the hostname of any product in same fashion as Netapp 🙂


Data source names in OCI are cosmetic - they are the names of the data collection points, no more. I cannot think of a case where this is not true



I cannot change the hostname by editing data source . OCi disover VMX hostname form EMC VMAX  .


I will open a case with NetApp support..






OCI discover Sym-050074300335 name from SMI-S Provider . If you login to SMI-S  you will be able to see .....


smi-s provider,

EIN > BlockStorageStatisticalData for an array


the symm will show internally as






I will contact Netapp &  see if they can change the sym-arraynumber on OCI code.







When it comes to the topic of Symmetrix, OCI only uses SMI-S for Symmetrix performance. Symcli commands are used for inventory gathering.


What the array name appears as in symcfg list output, is what I would expect to see for the array name in OCI.



Hi Ameegama,



Follow the steps below to change the hostname....





--> Click Admin on the toolbar.

--> The Data sources list opens.


--> Locate the data source that you want to edit.


--> Use one of these methods to begin the changes:



          -->Click Edit data source to the right of the selected data source.



          -->Click the linked name of the selected data source and click Edit.



--> Either method opens the Edit data source dialog box.




 OCI Edit data source dailog box





--> Select the required changes.



--> Click Save.









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