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Error ( 13001) Snapmirror with Unified Manager and Core Package 5.1




I installed Core Package 5.1 and Unified Manager on Windows Server2012 R2, after creating the datasets and the dataprotection policy's ( based on DR Mirror) the initialize is running well.

The local backup gives no error, but when the snapmirror take place to the DR site I get a Partialy Succesfull Job.


The error is : Error 13001: Some storage set members for dataset <dataset_name> still not found after running fsmon

Each Dataset contains 1 Volume and there are 2 datasets. The used volumes are identical in size ( source & destination )

Volumes are used for NFS, when I browse through the datastore of the destination I can see the snapshots wich are  taken each hour ( as the schedule is )



Anyone an idea what the error exactly means and how to resolve it ?


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