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Error Create Volume cm_storage on WFA3.1


Hi All,


Imported all workflows from WFA3.0 to WFA3.1 and I'm starting to find this error at the beginning of many workflows on 3.1 :


error : '_x0008_', hexadecimal value 0x08, is an invalid character. Line 1, position 114.


First saw the workflow error on the Create VOlume cm_storage certificed 3.1 command, so imported the certified Create VOlume from cm_storage 3.0, same problem.


Seems to be a WFA problem.


Please advise.


Thanks in advance!





Re: Error Create Volume cm_storage on WFA3.1




I believe you restored a WFA3.0 backup file from a WFA server on one windows machine to WFA3.1 on a different machine. Correct?


Every WFA installation on a windows machine has a unique  key, which is set during installation time. Subsequent installation on same windows machine will not generate a new key but retain the one created during the first installation.


When you restore a backup from one windows machine to another one, the other machine has a different key and the key isn't transfered ( Its is transfered with source being WFA3.1 which allows a FULL backup) . And hence the saved credentials and Data Sources do not work on the new windows machine with new WFA.


What to do?


You need to transfer the key from Old WFA3.0 windows machine to WFA3.1 machine. How to do that? Its available on WFA Installation and Setup Guide.

If you can't find it, I'll post here for it.


If you have wiped off your old WFA. Then on your new WFA windows machine. Do the below:


1. Open every single credential and re-save it.

2. Open every single Data Source and re-save the credentials.



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Re: Error Create Volume cm_storage on WFA3.1


Thanks Sinhaa! Your help is always much appreciated. That fixed it.

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