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Error when adding a volume to a vfiler with WFA-Command/Powershell



when I execute the powershell cmdlet "Set-NaVfilerStorage -Name $VFilerName -AddStorage $volname -ErrorAction Stop" in a WFA-command then the workflow exits with error message "Command failed for Workflow 'LUN - Create' with error : Null value provided when not setting the root option"

But the volume is added to the vFiler.

Has anyone seen this? Is this an error which matters or can  I safely ignore this?

Thanks for your help.





further investigation has shown that the powershell cmdlet as well as the WFA command solely run without the error message. But if this command is integrated in a workflow this error occours. Furthermore the command successfully finishes all statements and then the error is raised.

Ignoring the error is not possible because WFA would not proceed with the workflow.

Any help would be appreciated.




Can you share your custom workflow that used this certified command where you hit this error?




Hi Shailaja,

it is a custom workflow using a custom command.

Meanwhile I found the cause of the problem. Obviosly the try/catch statement is not executing the catch block when encountering an error. This error is raised at the end of the workflow after the very last statement in the command.

When knowing this it was not much work to find the erroneous code causing this problem ...

Thanks for your help!

Best Regards


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