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RDM creation and mapping / email notification


Hi all.

I'm going to deploy a workflow for creating RDMs.

current thought is to get only far as creating LUN and mapping it to the specific VMware cluster.

From now it goes to one of two ways that I would appreciate thoughts on:

1. finish with creating the RDM, meaning, assigning it to a specific VM, this elimination work from the vm guy. Did someone try it and has thoughts?

2. Finish here and send email notification to the vm guy with the LUN ID that was assigned (object) and to which VMware cluster. That in mind, how could I inject the lun_map_value object to the send email command? I only see references in the command to global workflow parameters, such as name and such. Is it possible, and can I have a direction?

Thanks guys!





         Option 1: This looks fine but you'll need to create a custom commands for it. I haven't tried to create such a command, but now I'm looking to create it. It can work from start to finish.

         Option2: I didn't understand your plan here. Do you just want to create luns and send email with the Send Lun-ID and the cluster to a VM guy who will map RDM to some VM for you?

I'll suggest Option 1. If you have finished with your workflow using which ever approach, kindly post it here for everyone's use. I'll do the same.

warm regards,




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So, it is interesting that the field is asking for this.  I have built the same for cDOT and 7DOT.  It is based on WFA 2.1 (RC1 will be dropping very soon and trust me, you want what they are bringing.  Plan an upgrade).  In my version, I support FCP & iSCSI and will provision multiple volumes/luns (you can add qtrees if you want but I don't).  I do have a command that will find the newly created Lun and map it to the chosen VM.  I need to run a few more tests against it and prepare the package but I can share this workflow by next week.  The only part that I haven't finished is formatting the drive (This will be researched further post VMworld 2013).

Jeremy Goodrum, NetApp

The Pirate

Twitter: @virtpirate



Hey Jeremy,

I'd appreciate if you can share to "edit settings" bit of mapping the just created LUN to a specified (user input) VM... Is it fine by mail?

I have already scheduled a meeting with the customer next week, hoping the RC2.1 will be released and approved by then.


I can post it when created to share another workflow for the content here when I am done with that..

Regarding the second option: I meant, let the workflow finish with mapping the LUN, then sending an email to the vm team with the relevant data needed for the mapped LUN, hence asking for ideas how to correlate that info in the send email command.

I still need that for my current workflows in order to send more info on what was done to a dl.




Hi Solal,

Let's take this interest offline for the time being.  As Jeremy said, this if fully and firmly a part of what we are working on for several solutions for VMworld 2013, and we expect to post post VMworld conference.

I'm sure we can discuss what we are doing prior to that, so please contact us offline.