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Error when creating Snapmirror Relationship via OCUM / Protection Manager


Good evening,


we have a problem by creating a Snapmirror Relationship via Oncommand Unified Manager. 

I've created a Dataset with a volume on primary storage. After that I attached the protection policy "mirror" to the dataset.  

I have two ressource pools storageA:aggrA and storageB:aggrA.  The wizard tries to create the snapmirror realationship but aborts...

the mirror destination volume is automatically created but the creation of the mirror aborts with the following error on the destination filer: 


SnapMirror: destination transfer from qpna01.qpna1:SID_ARCH to SID_ARCH : cannot connect to source filer.

The snapmirror.allow option is set.   I wonder about the hostname qpna01.qpna1:   shouldn't it be qpna01:SID_ARCH ?


Any tips?


Thank you!




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