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Use object ids to disambiguate - when migrating snapvault primarys




We are attempting to migrate snapvault primary's and have followed and document by Adai, explaining that we need to relinquish relationships and then use dfbm to add back in.  That's where we are seeing the issues


PS C:\Users\x188172a> dfbm primary dir add sv:/sv_vol0 vfiler1:/vol/vol1/qtree
Error: Multiple objects (ids=17133,17557) are named 'vfiler1'. Use object ids to disambiguate.



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I'm on this step of ADAI's doc


Step 14: Add the physical resources back to the dfm using the DFBM


From the DFM Server CLI


C:\>dfbm primary dir add nearstore:/SameVolName newvfiler:/SameVolName/-

Started job 3608 to create backup relationship between nearstore:/SameVolName and newvfiler:/SameVolName/-.


C:\>dfbm primary dir add nearstore:/SameVolName newvfiler:/SameVolName/myqtree

Started job 3608 to create backup relationship between nearstore:/SameVolName and newvfiler:/SameVolName/myqtree.


This will not do a rebaseline as the relationship already exists we are only adding the same to dfm.


C:\>dfbm job list 3608

Job:          3608

Status:       Normal

Time Started: 08 Aug 19:29

Description:  Importing backup relationship between secondary nearstore:/SameVolName and primary newphysical:/SameVolName/-.

Progress:     Done

Arguments:    svsVolume=1367&svpHost=141&svpDir=%2FUserHome%2F-&svThrottle=0




Take careful note of the syntax here. The Secondary / SnapVault volume goes at the beginning, with no qtree. No /vol syntax either. The primary SnapVault source goes last, and includes the qtree.

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